Achievers Policy Statement

  1. Our Vision / Goal

    To be recognised as a leader in the short courses training field, covering the development of Management, Sales, Staff, Teams and Customer Relations through:

    • measurable improved performance and productivity
    • increase job satisfaction
    • improved employee retention
    • customer satisfaction

  2. Our Mission / Purpose

    To provide our customers with high quality outcomes based training, informed and controlled by National, Sectoral, Local and Learner requirements, relevant and easily applicable to the working environment. Furthermore, achieving nationally recognised and internationally comparable standards and qualifications.

  3. Our values
    • Reliability
    • Integrity
    • Responsiveness
    • Empathy
    • Assurance

  4. Our Corporate Culture
  5. We show respect to all individuals we deal with and pursue excellence in all our dealings with our colleagues, and other stake holders.

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